Dessert Burrito

Flour tortilla filled with your choice of banana or chocolate, deep-fried to a golden brown, then topped with honey, strawberry and chocolate syrups and whipped cream. Served with a scoop of ice cream. 7.50


A flour tortilla deep-fried to a golden brown, topped with honey, butter and cinnamon.  3.99

With ice cream  6.99

Fried Ice Cream

Fried flour tortilla bowl filled with a ball of delicious vanilla ice cream with a crunchy coating flavored with cinnamon and raisins. Topped with honey, chocolate, strawberry syrup and whipped cream. 6.99

Tres Leches Cake



A flour tortilla filled with cheesecake, deep-fried to a golden brown. Topped with whip cream, honey, cinnamon, chocolate and strawberry syrup. 7.50

Churros with Ice Cream

A delicate Mexican pastry. 7.25


Traditional mexico city style creme caramel, baked fresh daily.  4.99

Cake S'mores Hot Chocolate

With vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and strawberry.  7.99